KEBD Project Team consists of well trained, experienced and dedicated personnel who can provide customized solution for Engineering – Procurement – Construction (EPC), Vapour Absorption Machines (VAM)-Chillers, Power Generators and Exhaust Gas Boilers (EGB) including Lower Side installation work under one roof. KEBD provides support for turn-key power plant installation.

Our Service scope includes:
• Customized design as per site requirement
• Use of best quality materials based on engineering design specification
• Our moto is - Safety first and it is given top most priority. We ensure proper use of Personal Protective Equipment and take safety measures at the project site.
• Complete Installation work is done by experienced and knowledgeable welders, fitters and helpers.
• Supervision of project work is covered by qualified Engineers.

VAM Chiller - Lower Side Installation Work Includes:
• Chilled Water Circuit
• Cooling Water Circuit
• Hot water Circuit
• Exhaust Circuit
• As of now 15 units of VAM Chillers with total capacity of 8000+ TR are installed and are running smoothly in various industries in Habiganj, Sylhet, Tongi, Gazipur and Mymensingh with satisfactory results.

Exhaust Gas Boiler Installation Work Includes:
• Exhaust Circuit
• Steam Circuit
• Feed/Raw Water Circuit
As of now 13 EGBs with Total Capacity 51,200 Kg/hr have been sold to various plants in Meghna Ghat, Savar, Gazipur, Norsinghdi and Manikganj and are operating smoothly.

We offer complete package from Equipment Selection to installation, piping design, support fixing, painting, insulation and sheet cladding work for Generator set, VAM Chiller and Boiler lower side Installation needs.

Our dedicated team members are there
•To ensure prompt, reliable, uninterrupted service in the best possible way
•For your emergency breakdown and regular maintenance need you can count on us to analyze root cause of failures and provide fastest response.

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